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Polyurethane Concrete Lifting This Eco-Friendly process is new to our region but has been around for 40+years. With the massive temperature fluctuations in Wyoming and Montana we have all seen the ground heave and recede leaving concrete uneven, cracked and damaged. The only way to fix that is with Mud Jacking, Tear it all out and replace it or let Big Horn Insulation level it with specially formulated Polyurethane foam. We can lift sunken concrete and fill the resulting voids. We then seal any cracks this keeps the soil from eroding further and it leaves you with concrete that looks like new again.


Key Benefits of Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

One of the benefits of raising concrete with polyurethane is the availability of reliable material. Designed specifically for different applications, Big Horn Insulation provides top-of-the-line materials!

  Saves Money: 40-60% less expensive than tear out and replace.
  Eco-Friendly: Keeps concrete out of the landfills
  Saves time: When we are finished your concrete is ready for immediate use.
  Looks like NEW again




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